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Ron H. Humphrey Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Ronald H. Humphrey is a professor in the Department of Management at Virginia Commonwealth University. His research interests include leadership, entrepreneurship, customer service, emotions in the workplace, empathy, emotional labor, emotional intelligence, person perception, identity theory, labeling theory, attribution theory, collective efficacy, careers, project management, assessment centers, job characteristics, and other topics. He is on the editorial board of The Leadership Quarterly, where he edited a special issue on emotions and leadership. Professor Humphrey was one of the founding members of the Network of Leadership Scholars (also known as LDRNET) and was co-program chair for the Professional Development Workshops organized by the Network at Academy of Management Conferences. He has published in a range of journals, including the Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Perspectives, American Sociological Review, Research in Organizational Behavior, Leadership Quarterly, Social Psychology Quarterly, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Human Relationsand Organization Science.