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James Abdey London School of Economics & Political Science, UK

Dr James Abdey is an Associate Professorial Lecturer (Education) in Statistics having gained his PhD in 2010 from LSE, asking `To p, or not to p?'! He teaches the Department's large service-level undergraduate courses in mathematical statistics and quantitative methods, as well as elective courses in market research. His research interests include market research techniques and forensic statistics - the interplay of statistics and the law.

James has been closely involved with the University of London International Programmes for a number of years, for which he serves as Associate Academic Director, and helped launch the BSc Data Science and Business Analytics programme. James is a Convenor for some courses in the LSE Online portfolio of programmes, and lectures during LSE's Summer School. Outside of academia, he has also worked on various quantitative-based consultancy projects in areas including the art market and the World Gold Council.

Answer: p. With probability 1.