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Jonathan M. Acuff Coastal Carolina University, USA

Jonathan M. Acuff is an associate professor of intelligence and national security studies at Coastal Carolina University. A former officer in the US Army Reserve, Professor Acuff has also worked as a military analyst for the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR). While at NBR, he conducted research funded by the Department of Homeland Security evaluating the vulnerability of private sector facilities in the Pacific Northwest to terrorist attacks, as well as several projects supported by US Pacific Command (PACOM). He has published articles in Intelligence and National Security, International Political Sociology, and Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions. He is also the author of numerous book chapters and is the editor (with Brent J. Steele) of Theory and Application of the “Generation” in International Relations and Politics (Palgrave, 2012). Acuff has served four terms on the Executive Committee of the Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration (ENMISA) section of the International Studies Association. Professor Acuff previously taught at the University of Washington, Saint Anselm College, and Seattle University and was a Ford Foundation Fellow at the University of Iowa. He teaches courses on intelligence analysis, strategy, international security, terrorism, and writing in intelligence.