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Kompella, Kartikeya

Kartikeya Kompella Founder, Purposeful Brands

Kartik is the founder of Purposeful Brands. He is the author of ‘Building Brands, Building Meaning’, and ‘Applying the Branding Iron’. Kartik has written for many websites on branding and run a column on Interbrand’s web portal for five years. He is a regular contributor of papers to WARC.

Kartik has been associated with brands in various ways from an advertising planner, brand consultant, DM & CRM professional to marketer. He has worked in different roles from a brand consultant in India’s first brand consultancy to President of Lowe & Partner’s DM division. His various roles have helped him look at branding from a somewhat “unique” perspective.

Kartik has spoken at several international conferences on various topics ranging from Cause-related Branding to Market Research to CRM. In 2001, Kartik was nominated for the John & Mary Goodyear Award for Excellence in International Market Research. He has conceived and worked on thought leadership initiatives across disciplines. 

He is especially passionate about Cause-related Branding and was responsible for the first ever study on consumer attitudes toward CSR in India.

Kartik is married and lives in Bangalore with his wife Vinitha and daughter Mithya. He is an avid Pink Floyd fan and is passionate about reading and cricket. He can be contacted at