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Laura Iannelli University of Sassari, Italy

Laura Iannelli is Lecturer of Sociology of Culture and Communication. She received her Ph.D. in Theory and Social Research from Sapienza University in Rome. Since 2011 she has been teaching ‘Political Communication and Participation’ at the University of Sassari in Sardinia (Italy). In 2014, she was Visiting Scholar at City University London and the University of Leicester. Her primary research focuses on communication processes and political participation. In 2013, she began coordinating a two-year interdisciplinary research project on contemporary public art, activism and performative citizenship, funded by the Region of Sardinia. In 2015, in collaboration with City University London she organized an international conference entitled 'Protest Participation in Variable Communication Ecologies' in Alghero, Italy, and co-edited a special issue on this topic in the journal Information, Communication & Society. She has published various book chapters and articles on media and political participation, and in 2010 authored the book ‘Facebook & Co. Sociologia dei Social Network Sites’ (Milano: Guerini Scientifica).