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Linda M. Pucci The Inner Resource Center, Maryville, TN

Several years ago I made some huge life changes. Although I was successful as a psychologist and owner of a mental health/alcohol and drug treatment clinic, my life was out of balance. I worked hard to build the business and to help others heal, but I didn’t pay attention to myself. I found that I was alienated from myself and from those I cared about the most. I found myself thinking about the future, and I realized that I was postponing living for being successful. I decided to make changes. That was the first step in an adventure that has been exciting and that I’m thoroughly enjoying. I moved across country to East Tennessee, and started up again, eventually building two new successful businesses. I own Inner Resource Center, LLC and specialize helping people transform their lives and businesses. Trained as a psychologist, I’ve worked for more than 33 years helping people change. As a life coach, psychologist and trainer, I help my clients uncover their special talents and gifts (their internal and external resources) to utilize in creating a MAGNIFICENT LIFE. I believe that all people carry within themselves the capacity for living a truly fulfilling life, and that we all have within ourselves resources and capabilities for solving our life’s challenges. It is from this belief that The Inner Resource Center was born.