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Lorna Chesterton Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Lorna Chesterton is a Social Scientist and Researcher in the Department of Social Care and Social Work at Manchester Metropolitan University. Lorna’s work centres on social ageing and dementia with marginalised groups, exploring how people’s culture, ethnicity, beliefs and socio-economic situations impact upon their health and access to services. Her work has been grounded in a person-centred approach to research and care, valuing the contribution which individuals personal experience can make to research and future service provision. As an academic, she has been involved in research involving interprofessional learning, communities of practice and several research in care home initiatives.  Lorna’s background is in nursing, having worked for many years as a specialist practitioner in primary care and was honoured to receive the title of Queen’s Nurse in 2012. Her community involvement includes work with voluntary groups and serves as a Trustee for the Somali Adult Social Care Agency, based in Manchester.