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Mark A. Gring Texas Tech University, USA

Dr. Mark A. Gring (Ph.D., The Ohio State University; M.A. & B.S., University of Texas at Austin) is the graduate adviser and Associate professor of Communication Studies at Texas Tech University. He has taught courses in rhetorical theory, rhetorical criticism, persuasion, communication theory, argumentation and debate, and communication pedagogy at the graduate and undergraduate levels. His research foci include the analysis of religious discourse that brings about sociopolitical change (in the United States and in Latin America), the epistemic nature of rhetorical activity, the application of ideological assump­tions to the mass media, and the pedagogy of public speaking. His most recent work has been an analy­sis of post-9/11 sermons and their response to terrorism and war. His work has appeared in journals such as Rhetoric and Public Affairs, World Communication Journal, Journalism History, Basic Course Annual, Journal of Communication and Religion.