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Peter B Smith University of Sussex, UK (Emeritus)

PETER K SMITH is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London, U.K.  He has a first degree from University of Oxford, and a PhD from University of Sheffield.  His main area of research is on school bullying. He is currently particularly interested in country differences and cross-cultural comparisons. He has also carried out research on children’s play; and on the role of grandparents in children’s development.  He has been involved in bullying research for 30 years. In the UK he helped produce the national anti-bullying pack Don’t Suffer in Silence (1994, 2nd edition 2000).  He chaired COST Action IS0801 on Cyberbullying (2008-2012). He chaired an Indian-European Research Networking Programme on Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Pupil Safety and Well-Being (2012-2015).  He is currently on the Management Committee of COST Action CA18115, Transnational Collaboration on Bullying, Migration and Integration at School Level.  In 2015 he was awarded the William Thierry Preyer award for Excellence in Research on Human Development, by the European Society for Developmental Psychology, and in 2018 the Student Wellbeing and Prevention of Violence (SWAPv) Award, from Flinders University, Australia. In December 2018 he received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Vienna.