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Hazler, Richard

Richard J. Hazler Penn State University, USA

Richard J. Hazler is professor of counselor education and coordinator of the Elementary School Counseling program at Penn State University. He has conducted research on a variety of topics and authored professional materials on bullying and victimization in schools. Hazler has worked as a school counselor and also as a counselor in the military, universities, prisons, and private practice and is noted for his work on humanistic approaches to counseling and counselor training. He has served as an elementary school teacher, writer, and director of programs for young people. His research and writing of numerous articles and books includes The Emerging Professional Counselor: Student Dreams to Professional Realities and Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Interventions for Bullying and Victimization. Hazler did graduate work at The College of New Jersey and earned a doctorate at the University of Idaho.