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Robert Hamm Sligo School Project, Ireland

“My neck is on the guillotine the blade comes down – my head goes this way the rest goes that – which side will I be on?” (RD Laing)

O.k., I hope my neck won’t be on the guillotine … but RD Laing’s question is still a valid one for me … by times. At other times I prefer music or paintings to muse and amuse about. Examples, Malvina Reynolds, 17 Hippies, Nicole Claveloux, … and if all else fails, the Holy Grail will do it.

My academic link: formerly employed by Maynooth University, financed by a EU Horizon 2020 fellowship grant – doing full time research on the applications, adaptations of Collective Memory-Work until the money ran out. Looking for new options, anyone with a sparkling idea, please contact me.