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Rona Tamiko Halualani San José State University, USA

Rona Halualani (Ph.D., Arizona State University; M.A., California State University, Sacramento; B.A., University of California, Davis) possesses a strong publishing record in the field of intercultural communication (and in critical/cultural studies), having written one university press book (In the Name of Hawaiians: Native Identities and Cultural Politics, University of Minnesota Press, 2002) and eight scholarly articles in top communication/intercultural relations journals, such as Communication Theory, Journal of Communication, International and Intercultural Communication Annual, Women’s Studies in Communication, and International Journal of Intercultural Relations. She is the immediate past chair of NCA’s International and Intercultural Communication Division and for the past few years has consistently won the top competitive paper in intercultural communication at both NCA and ICA conferences. For the last five years, Halualani has served as her department’s curriculum coordinator for the intercultural communication course. She has consistently garnered great student response to her courses, earning top student teaching evaluation scores at San Jose State (an average of 4.9 per class with 5.0 being the highest). "I attribute my instructional success to the unique focus on power structures, history, and identity politics that I bring to the Intercultural Communication course."