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Ronet D. Bachman University of Delaware, USA

Ronet D. Bachman, PhD, worked as a statistician at the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S.

Department of Justice, before going back to an academic career; she is now a professor in the

Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware. She is coauthor

of Statistical Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice and coeditor of Explaining Criminals

and Crime: Essays in Contemporary Criminal Theory. In addition, she is the author of Death and

Violence on the Reservation and coauthor of Stress, Culture, and Aggression; Murder American

Style; and Violence: The Enduring Problem, along with numerous articles and papers that examine

the epidemiology and etiology of violence, with particular emphasis on women, the elderly,

and minority populations as well as research examining desistance from crime. Her most recent

federally funded research was a mixed-methods study that examined the long-term desistance

trajectories of criminal justice involved drug-involved individuals who have been followed with

both quantitative and interview data for nearly thirty years. Her current state-funded research is

assessing the needs of violent crime victims, especially those whose voices are rarely heard such

as loved ones of homicide victims.