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Scott M. Smith Brigham Young University, USA

Scott M. Smith is Professor of Marketing in the Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University. Dr. Smith’s research and publication interests are online survey technologies for marketing research, Internet research and methodology, and computer modeling. He is the Founder and Director of,, and which are online ASPs offering advanced survey research, database, and analysis tools. He is the author of the PC-MDS statistical software programs for conjoint and multidimensional scaling analysis for the personal computer. He has authored 12 books and monographs and more than 60 articles and papers. He has published in Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Education (awarded the year's outstanding article), and Journal of Business Ethics. His most recently completed academic books are titled, Research for Marketing Decisions (with Paul E. Green and Gerald Albaum), Multidimensional Scaling (with Paul E. Green and Frank J. Carmone Jr.) and Computer Assisted Decisions in Marketing (with William R. Swinyard).