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Being Ethnographic

Being Ethnographic
A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Ethnography

Third Edition

December 2022 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Being Ethnographic is a fundamental introductory guidebook to process and utilization of doing fieldwork within real-world settings. It explores our understanding of identities, the future of ethnography and the advancing role of technology in a global, networked society. 

The third edition of Being Ethnographic highlights  the challenges introduced by the ethnographers' own interests, biases and ideologies and demonstrates the importance of methodological reflexivity.

This fully updated third edition includes: 

  • Discussions on technology and multimodality as hands-on tools for the field
  • Helpful insights into making thoughtful choices around a research design 
  • Aid in engaging ethically and effectively within the field 
  • Lasting tips for finalising and conducting research
Raymond Madden provides invaluable guidance for applying fundamental ethnographic principles within the field and gives students and researchers everything they need to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. 
Key Concepts And Theoretical Frames
‘Definitions’, Methods And Applications
Ethnographic Fields: Home And Away
Doing Ethnography
Talking To People: Negotiations, Conversations And Interviews
Being With People: Participation
Looking At People: Observations And Images
Description: Writing ‘Down’ Fieldnotes
Analysis To Interpretation: Writing ‘Out’ Data
Interpretation To Story: Writing ‘Up’ Ethnography
Expanding Ethnography
Online Ethnography
Conclusion: Ethnographic Horizons

An insightful and comprehensive text on the ethnographic method – a must-read for social scientists, whether students, academics or practitioners. Madden’s engaging text convincingly demonstrates the ongoing value of ethnography for making sense of our world.

Helen Lee
Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at La Trobe University

The craft of ethnography is fiendishly difficult to explain, but Raymond Madden does a superb job of it in this third edition of a now-classic manual. From traditional fieldwork to online ethnography to post-pandemic fieldwork, this book has it all. 

Niko Besnier
Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam

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