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Black Children

Black Children
Social, Educational, and Parental Environments

Second Edition
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October 2001 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This revision of a respected volume collects current empirical research unique to the experiences and situations of black children and their parents. As the editor emphasizes, "African American children develop a duality for their existence. To be fully functional, they must develop the skills to do well simultaneously in two different cultures, both black and non-black." This volume explores the meaning of this duality in four distinct environments: socioeconomic, parental, internal, and educational. The complex picture that results explodes many of the myths that surround black childhood development. Taken together, the entries in this volume provide valuable information for those who are concerned about the optimal growth and development of Black children.


· A theme of resiliency-that black children can and do thrive despite being surrounded by an array of risk factors-underscores positive aspects of black child development while not neglecting the potential for negative and detrimental development. The goal is to avoid presenting Black children in the light of either negative or positive stereotypes, but to highlight the complexities and diversities of the Black American experience.

· Entries present empirical and conceptual studies to provide real-life databased analyses of the lives of African American children in an attempt to offset stereotypical views too often perpetuated within the child development literature.

· Entries are grouped into four thematic units to reflect the significant environments within the lives of Black children: Perspectives of African American Parenting, Racial Messages, Educational Environments of Children, and Conflict in African American Children.

New to This Edition:

· The Second Edition has been updated with new entries reflecting new research, contemporary theory, and modern interventions.

New chapters on social settings explore how violence is becoming a much more significant element in the environments in which children live.

A.G. Hilliard III
H.P. McAdoo
H.P. McAdoo & J.L. McAdoo
1. The Dynamics of African American Fathers' Family Roles
H.P. McAdoo
2. Diverse Children of Color: Research and Policy Implications
L. McWright
3. African American Grandmothers' and Grandfathers' Influence in the Value Socialization of Grandchildren
H.P. McAdoo
4. The Village Talks: Racial Socialization of Our Children
M.F. Peters
5. Racial Socialization of Young Black Children
C.B. Murray & J. Mandara
6. Racial Identity Development in African American Children: Cognitive and Experiential Antecedents
V.M. Murry & G.H. Brody
7. Racial Socialization Processes in Single-Mother Families: Linking Maternal Racial Identity, Parenting, and Racial Socialization in Rural, Single-Mother Families With Child Self-Worth and Self-Regulation
A.J. Franklin et al.
8. A Psychological and Educational Perspective on Black Parenting
T. Luster & H.P. McAdoo
9. Family and Child Influences on Educational Attainment: A Secondary Analysis of the High/Scope Perry Preschool Data
S.W. Rivers & F.A. Rivers
10. Sankofa Shule Spells Success for African American Children
A.O. Harrison-Hale
11. Conflict Resolution Styles Among African American Children and Youth
B.E. Lawson & R.Sanders-Lawson
12. Violent Crime, Race, and Black Children: Parenting and the Social Contract
About the Editor
About the Contributors

"The authors are bold in addressing
the legacies of enslavement, racism, and the debilitating impact of economic
exploitation at the individual, family, and community levels. BLACK CHILDREN moves us away from the
traditional comparisons of black and white children in the context of
Eurocentric theoretical models as the context for the study of development. The
authors create a basis for an African and African American theoretical
framework to guide future research, educational strategies, and community intervention." 

Barbara M. Newman
University of Rhode Island

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