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25 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make and How to Avoid Them

25 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make and How to Avoid Them

Second Edition

July 2008 | 288 pages | Corwin
In this revised edition, best-selling author Carolyn Orange provides valuable perspectives into how to be a more sensitive and effective teacher by analyzing the errors of other teachers who have acted unwisely in the moment. 25 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make and How to Avoid Them, Second Edition, presents many new scenarios through student voices, each one followed by a prescription for a better solution. These recommendations are filled with humor and insight, aligned with sound educational theory, and based on the author's many years of teaching experience. The book's scenarios are organized into six sections: DisciplineTeacher-student relationsClassroom policy and practicesClassroom management and instructionPersonality and professionalismTeaching style and behavior
Preface to the Second Edition
About the Author
Part I. Discipline
1. Mistake 1: Inappropriate Discipline Strategies
2. Mistake 2: Physical Aggression
3. Mistake 3: Purposeful Alienation
4. Mistake 4: Public Ridicule
Part II. Teacher-Student Relations
5. Mistake 5: Favoritism
6. Mistake 6: Physiological Discrimination
7. Mistake 7: Personal Attacks
8. Mistake 8: Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relationships
9. Mistake 9: Deliberate Mistreatment
10. Mistake 10: Racial and Cultural Differences
11. Mistake 11: Humiliation
Part III. Classroom Policies and Practices
12. Mistake 12: Inappropriate Classroom Policies
13. Mistake 13: Inappropriate Toileting Practices
Part IV. Classroom Management and Instruction
14. Mistake 14: Inappropriate Educational Strategies
15. Mistake 15: Inappropriate Assessment
Part V. Personality and Professionalism
16. Mistake 16: Teacher Insensitivity
17. Mistake 17: Academic Shortcomings
18. Mistake 18: Poor Administration
19. Mistake 19: Teacher Reputation
20. Mistake 20: Teacher Misjudgment
Part VI. Teaching Style and Behavior
21. Mistake 21: Teacher Bias or Expectations
22. Mistake 22: Unethical Behavior
23. Mistake 23: False Accusations
24. Mistake 24: Inappropriate Reactions
25. Mistake 25: Sexual Harassment
Part VII. Teacher Confessions of Worst Treatment of a Child: Their Motives and Feelings

“This book will make you laugh, make you shake your head in disbelief, and keep you amazed. Most important, this book will help you become a more enlightened and effective educator as you gracefully sidestep difficult situations by remembering the practical lessons within these pages.”

Jennifer Brooks, Fourth-Grade Teacher
Olmos Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

"Examines and creates awareness of the social and psychological implications of teachers’ responses to students. The author provides real-life scenarios and purposeful commentaries addressing these interactions."

Anissa Pennick, Counselor
Burke Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

"I was able to reflect on my own teaching experience and actions, which resulted in a conscious effort to be more positive with my students."

Nicole D. Anderson, Second-Grade Teacher
Crestview Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

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