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Active Learning in the Mathematics Classroom, Grades 5-8

Active Learning in the Mathematics Classroom, Grades 5-8

Second Edition

April 2007 | 208 pages | Corwin
Active Learning in the Mathematics Classroom, Grades 5-8, offers teachers a wealth of NCTM-aligned projects and lessons to re-energize mathematics education by engaging all students in rich learning experiences.

Fully developed, ready-to-use lessons help students gain deeper understandings of key concepts, learn to use mathematics as a powerful problem-solving tool, and communicate and reason mathematically. The revised edition includes current research about effective methods for teaching mathematics, a new chapter that focuses on algebra concepts, 15 new student activities, and streamlined information for teachers preparing to implement the activities.

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NCTM Standards Table
1. Investigations: Estimation, Large Numbers, and Numeration

$1,000,000 Long

How Many Strides to Walk Around the Earth?

Rectangles and Factors

Venn Diagrams: LCM and GCF

Dessert for a Crowd

5 x 5 Puzzle Cents

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Music and Fractions

Mathematical Palindromes

2. Active Algebra

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Algebra Jokes

The M & M Mystery

Algebra Match

Inequality Number Line Match

Mind Reading or Algebra?

3. Geometry: Our Mathematical Window to the World

Folding a Tangram

Making a Tangram Quilt


Open-Top Boxes

Explorations With Cereal Boxes

The Painted Cube

Cubes That Grow

4. The Measure of Mathematics

Just How Big Is the Statue of Liberty?

Gummi Worms

What Happened 1,000,000 Seconds Ago?

How Long Would It Take to Walk to China? —Through the Center of the Earth

Shoe Length vs. Height


5. Data Collection and Probability

Super Survey

What Is Your Favorite Subject?

Stars of the NBA

Dice and Probability

Is This Game Fair?

Dinosaurs and Probability

Interactive Web Sites to Make Math/Technology Connections

"Provides the practicing teacher with a treasure trove of activities to build mathematical reasoning and understanding in a way that opens students' eyes to real-world mathematics applications."

Zoma A. Barrett, Math Teacher
Salem Middle School, IN

"Well organized and ideal for a busy teacher. Teachers can select clearly described activities that are appropriate for the students in their classes."

Dawn Brailsford, Math Teacher
Murray Middle School, St. Augustine, FL

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: Investigations

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