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The Assistant Principal

The Assistant Principal
Leadership Choices and Challenges

Second Edition

May 2006 | 208 pages | Corwin
Gain a new perspective for revitalizing the assistant principalship!

While assistant principals play vital administrative roles, little attention has been granted to their training, selection, motivation, and job satisfaction. In this updated edition, Catherine Marshall and Richard M. Hooley focus on understanding the assistant principalship, uncovering problems, and identifying new solutions for these important school leaders.

This foundational resource provides a comprehensive study of what assistant principals do, who they are, and how these administrators-in-training can take charge of their careers. Unique issues highlighted within include

Policy concerns in the assistant principal role

The assistant as gateway to upper administrative mobility

The importance of support and motivation

The dependency on principals and their leadership style

This essential handbook supports the intrinsic value of the assistant principalship, while providing direction for improving the current system, evaluating methods of recruitment, and posing new metaphors and models for the position.

About the Authors
1. What Is Special About Assistant Principals?
2. How Do Assistant Principals Get Their Jobs?
3. Progress in Understanding the Assistant Principal's Role
4. Opportunities for Improving the Assistant Principalship
5. A New and Different Assistant Principalship

"Highly recommended for all educators and school administrators searching for a well authored and highly detailed presentation of the difficult role and responsibilities of the assistant principal."

Wisconsin Bookwatch Education Shelf, June 2006

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