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Best Practices for Teaching Social Studies

Best Practices for Teaching Social Studies
What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do

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July 2008 | 120 pages | Corwin
Join Randi Stone as she visits the classrooms of award-winning teachers to observe their tried-and-true best practices for teaching social studies to elementary, middle school, and high school learners. Explore inquiry-based strategies for building student confidence and achievement as teachers demonstrate how students do oral histories, design individualized research projects, learn about geography and cultural diversity, become pro-active citizens who engage in service to their communities, engage in debates and Socratic dialogue, and much more. Best Practices for Teaching Social Studies is packed with lessons that work and ideas that will expand the instructional repertoires of new and veteran teachers.
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Part I. Elementary and Middle School
Diana Schmiesing, Virginia
1. Celebrating Our Constitution
Diana Schmiesing, Virginia
2. Investigating Historical Objects and Pictures
Sandra Noel, Illinois
3. Tasting
John Pieper, Wisconsin
4. A Tale of a Whale
William Fitzhugh, Maryland
5. The Art of Social Studies/The Social Studies in Art
Kari Debbink, Arizona
6. Assembly-Line Lunches
Carol Glanville, Rhode Island
7. The History Kids
Kari Debbink, Arizona
8. Who Would You Help?
Marsha Mathias, South Carolina
9. Exploring Diversity Through Technology
Monique Wallen, Florida
10. When They "Just Don't Get It"
Part II. High School
Megan E. Garnett, Virginia
11. Putting the "Social" Back Into Social Studies
Megan E. Garnett, Virginia
12. A Social Studies Twist on the "Hemingway Challenge"
Marguerite Ames, Vermont
13. World War II Memories
James Wade D'Acosta, Connecticut
14. Life-Changing Field Trips
James Wade D'Acosta, Connecticut
15. Crafting Individualized Research Projects
Teresa Heinhorst, Illinois
16. Promoting Citizenship
Robert Rodey, Teacher, Illinois
17. Reflections From a High School History Teacher

"You can easily adapt these practical lessons for your own classroom. Each chapter shows how social studies can be tied to a multiplicity of disciplines, including history, geography, math, science, and technology."

Lindy G. Poling, Social Studies Department Chair
Millbrook High School, Raleigh, NC

"Randi Stone has assembled an exciting collection of teaching methods to benefit all learners. The book brings together an esteemed group of teachers who are to be congratulated for sparking interest in a subject that is too often taught solely from a textbook."

Heather E. Robinson, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Desert Canyon Elementary School, Scottsdale, AZ

While this text is an excellent resource it is not comprehensive enough to be the foundation text in my course. However, it is an excellent resource for the social studies teacher or a elementary school teacher who is looking for creative activities or projects that will engage students while still being relevant to the curriculum. This text is a set of chapters which act as vignettes related by a diverse set of teachers who have had great success with the described projects in their specific chapters. As I said the text is too short to be a good foundation text but is an excellent resource for any teacher and a great edition to any teacher building a professional library

Mrs Elizabeth Speed
Teacher Education Dept, University of Texas - El Paso
August 27, 2013

Great resource for SPED teachers

Dr David Hampton
Special Education, Bowling Green State University
February 14, 2013

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