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The Big Book of Special Education Resources

The Big Book of Special Education Resources

February 2006 | 416 pages | Corwin
With all of the information available on the Internet, how can an educator determine which websites and resources are not only valid but helpful without spending hours (hours she doesn't have to waste) exploring site after site?

In "The Big Book of Special Education Resources," Pierangelo and Giuliani offer a comprehensive collection of the best resources and organizations for busy educators that seek assistance in their search for:

o Information on specific disabilities

o Professional organizations

o Federal agencies

o Laws/legal issues

o Books/videos

o IEP information

o Inclusion strategies

o Resources/lesson plans

o University libraries

o Classroom materials

o Adaptive technology

o Medical information

o Transportation information

o Free materials

o Additional funding/grants

o Advocate groups

o Employment issues.

About the Authors
Part 1. Clearinghouses and Disability Organizations
Part 2. National Toll-Free Numbers for National Organizations Concerned With Disability and Children’s Issues
Part 3. Disability Publishers Offering Books, Videos, and Journals on Specific Disabilities, Special Education, Parenting, and Other Disability and Special Needs Topics
Part 4. Disability-Related Resources of Organizations and Agencies in the United States That Address Disability-Related Issues
State Agencies Serving Children and Youth With Disabilities

State Chapters of Disability Organizations and Parent Groups

Parent Training and Information Projects

Official State Web Sites, Governors and U.S. Senators, and Other Useful Associations and Organizations

Part 5. Additional Resources
Bullying and Behavior Issues

Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) and Individualized Education Programs ( IEPs)

Including Students with Disabilities in State and District Assessments

Learning Disabilities

Teaching Strategies and Materials

Summer Camps for Children With Disabilities


"Offering vetting and organization that are lacking in a Google result list, this book of resources will be of use to parents, professionals, and students in the field. Guiliani and Pierangelo have compiled and annotated a listing of thousands of national and state organizations that address special education concerns."

J. P. Renaud
University of Miami

"A fabulous collection of resources. Belongs on the shelves of anyone who is interested in improving the lives of children with special needs both in the academic arena and at home."

Janice E. Jones

"A comprehensive reference volume that provides the addresses, phone numbers, URLs, and contacts for both national and state organizations and programs. An invaluable resource."

Curriculum Connections, Fall 2006
School Library Journal

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