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Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades K-1

Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades K-1

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January 2010 | 200 pages | Corwin
Sophisticated medical instruments have provided us with a unique glimpse into the learning brain. As educators, we can take the knowledge and apply it to teaching in our classrooms. With the advantage of brain research, we have been able to develop instructional techniques that facilitate the brain's innate learning capacity.

The more teachers know about how the brain learns, the more instructional options they have. Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades K-1 provides ready-to-use, brain-compatible lessons for mathematics instruction. Each step-by-step lesson includes detailed instructions for the teacher, math activities, and all the necessary reproducibles. Correlated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' standards and Focal Points, this classroom resource shows teachers how to apply the principles discussed in Sousa's bestseller, How the Brain Learns Mathematics.

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1. Whole Numbers
Seeing Dots

How Many?

Number Path

Counting Sets

More or Less

Who's First?

Number Slap

A Ten Count!

Number Jingle!

2. Addition and Subtraction
Combining Sets

Subtraction Action

Spin to Win

Take It Away

"All Aboard" the Number Line

Ready, Set...Add!

Fact Family Tree House

Math Detective

Flip it!

Number Grid

Let's Go, Domino!

Guide to Problem Solving

3. Geometry
Shifting Shapes

Feel the Shapes

Shape Sort Race

Fishing for Triangles

3-D Shapes

Shape Up

Shapes Everywhere

The Art of Shapes!

Smart Shapes

The Shape Museum

4. Measurement
Which is Longer?

Measure it!

Ordering Lengths

How Far?

Which Holds More?

How Long? Measuring With Tens and Ones

Going on a Measurement Hunt

Comparison Center

Tick-Tock at the Clock Shop

Before or After?

5. Algebra: Sorting and Patterning
Number Patterns

What Comes Next?

Extending Patterns

Pattern Necklaces

Sorting Shoes

Sort and Classify

6. Data Analysis and Probability
Ask Me a Question

Way to Vote!

Favorite Seasons

Roll and Record

Heads or Tails

Collect and Sort Data

Fun with Bar Graphs

Likely or Unlikely?

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"A handy tool for teachers! The activities are clearly laid out with directions that will allow any teacher to implement academically rigorous math activities with our youngest students. It is wonderful to see a book dedicated to promoting strong number sense activities that are brain compatible. The activities presented in this book are fun and engaging for young students. This alternative method of developing number sense is likely to reach more students by focusing on different strategies that will engage the entire brain."

Rosamaria Murillo, Principal
Baldwin Lane Elementary School, Sugarloaf, CA

"This book gives educators the tools necessary to provide students with effective and enjoyable learning experiences. The author offers detailed yet easily applicable lessons that will benefit both teacher and students. Sousa effectively explains the importance of brain-based learning tasks and their role in the area of mathematics. Although the activities in this book are designed to be used with the brain-compatible lesson plan format, the teacher has the ability to choose the areas that best suit his or her classroom style. This book also connects the NCTM standards to each lesson. For the past 25 years, I have taught both kindergarten and first grade. I found Sousa’s book an effective as well as an enjoyable means of putting brain-compatible math into practice!"

Susan Schipper, First-Grade Teacher
Charles Street Elementary School, Palmyra, NJ

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