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Children and Youth With Asperger Syndrome

Children and Youth With Asperger Syndrome
Strategies for Success in Inclusive Settings

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May 2005 | 200 pages | Corwin
Designed for classroom teachers in inclusive settings, this book presents strategies for working with students with Asperger Syndrome.

AS is a disorder in the autism spectrum, and students with AS suffer from similar, though milder, symptoms as students with autism. It is often considered a social disability, though one of its most notable differences with autism is that most students with AS do develop verbal language skills.

The book provides over 50 research-based strategies for teachers, including guidance on transition planning and using technology, and tips for working with support staff.

Stephen Shore
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Introduction: Children and Youth With Asperger Syndrome
Social and Communication Characteristics

Behavioral and Emotional Characteristics

Intellectual and Cognitive Characteristics

Academic Characteristics

Sensory Characteristics

Motor Characteristics


Jill Hudson
1. Adaptations for Success in General Education Settings
Behavior Expectations

Consistency and Clear Communication of Expectations

Expectations in Practice


Anastasia Hubbard
2. Environmental Modification
Learn About the Student With AS

The School Environment

Visual Supports

Organizational Strategies


Anastasia Hubbard
3. Academic Modifications
Predictability and Handwriting

Stages of the Learning Process


Diane Adreon
4. Emotional and Behavioral Supports
Functional Assessment

The Cycle of Tantrums, Rage and Meltdowns


5. Social Skills Supports
Hidden Curriculum

Social Skills Supports


Sean J. Smith, Mariangeles Murphy-Herd, Daniel Alvarado, and Nancy Glennon
6. Assistive Technology Supports
Assistive Technology Definition

Framework for Assistive Technology Selection

Assistive Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions


Ronda Schelvan, Terri Cooper Swanson, and Sheila M. Smith
7. Making Each Year Successful: Issues in Transition
Transitioning Between Activities and Environments

Transition to Adulthood



"This comprehensive, thoughtful, and clearly written book provides helpful strategies for educational professionals to teach children and youth with Asperger Syndrome (AS). Every teacher interested in AS will want to read this book."

Susan Moreno, President
MAAP Services for Autism & Asperger Syndrome

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