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The Choreography of Presenting

The Choreography of Presenting
The 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters

Foreword by Robert J. Garmston

April 2010 | 168 pages | Corwin
Mostápresenters are experts in their field, however, not all presenters are experts at presenting.á Wherever a presenter might be on the continuum from novice to expert, this book provides specific, research-based skills and strategies to supportáhigh-impact presentations.á The authors' 7 essential abilities highlight nonverbal aspects ofápresentation that have a major impact on the emotional context of our communication.á Every skill is described in detail by how it looks, sounds and feels as well as the influence of these patterns on the perception and thinking of the audience. Additionally the book describes how to use the audienceÆs nonverbal responses as evidence to evaluate the effectiveness of one's delivery.á
Foreword by Robert J. Garmston
About the Authors
Introduction to the 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters
1. Establish Credibility
2. Build and Sustain Rapport
3. Read the Group
4. Balance Task, Process, and Group Development
5. Listen to and Acknowledge Participants
6. Respond Appropriately
7. Recover With Grace

“Finding myself in front of groups large and small, the skills detailed in this book are an invaluable source of presentation strategies for me. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this book provides useful descriptions and insights that help make every presentation session successful.”

Grant P. Wiggins, President
Authentic Education

“Through the metaphor of dance, the authors weave a path that provides newbies a blueprint and at the same time makes veterans consciously competent both for themselves and as mentors for others. With this book, Zoller and Landry have both extended my work and fulfilled my dream of having an in-depth layout of the nonverbals of presentation skills. As a colleague, the ultimate compliments I can give are: ‘I wish I had written it,’ and ‘Hey, now I don’t have to write it—I can use their book!’"

Michael Grinder, National Director and Educational Consultant
NLP in Education

"I once had an art history teacher who made his lectures come alive with hand gestures, fluctuations in voice, and a calm authority. All of the students loved the class, learned a lot, and developed an appreciation for art history. I now know many of the things that made his lectures so educational. In The Choreography of Presenting, Kendall Zoller and Claudette Landry have captured many of the abilities and skills demonstrated by this great teacher. Whether you are presenting to hundreds at a conference, dozens at a workshop, several at a faculty meeting, or a single colleague, applying the lessons of this book will improve your presentation. The abilities and skills of effective presenting are described in understandable and practical terms and activities. Regardless of your current ability, this book will help you become better."

Rodger W. Bybee, Executive Director, Retired
Biological Sciences Curriculum Study

"This amazing book artfully captures the complex craft of presenting to diverse audiences. Whether you are a novice or an experienced presenter, this book will transform your performance and lead you toward becoming a virtuoso! I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to hone their presentation skills."

Page Keeley, Past President, National Science Teachers Association
Director, Maine Mathematics Science Alliance

"Zoller and Landry give the reader several examples from their own presenting experiences as well as tables and figures to supplement their lessons. I found myself in many of the suggestions and will reference this book when practicing for my next presentation."

Lynn R. Zakeri, Social School Work Journal, March 2012

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