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Closer Reading, Grades 3-6

Closer Reading, Grades 3-6
Better Prep, Smarter Lessons, Deeper Comprehension

Foreword by Laura Robb

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April 2014 | 224 pages | Corwin

By exploring what close reading is and how to teach it, this book helps teachers implement it in their classroom to enrich students' literacy learning. The book is broken down into three parts:

  • Part I gives readers a clear definition of close reading & why it's important
  • Part II explores how to make close reading happen in the classroom
  • Part III investigates close reading in context, including 10 easy steps to implement close reading in the classroom and how to set short & long term goals

Each chapter offers an explanation of and insights into its designated close reading focus with information on that topic as well as examples from site-based work with teachers and students, advice on how to avoid close reading pitfalls, and classroom-ready resources to use immediately. Questions for reflection are suggested at the end of all chapters to encourage readers to consider the implications on practice.

Foreword by Laura Robb
Chapter 1. Closer Reading: Closer Than What?
Chapter 2. Choosing a Complex Text for Close Reading
Chapter 3. Getting in the Mindset of Close Reading
Chapter 4. Supporting Readers Before Close Reading
Chapter 5. Supporting Readers During Close Reading
Chapter 6. Supporting Readers After Close Reading
Chapter 7. Moving Students Toward Independence in Close Reading
Chapter 8. Digging Deeper in Close Reading Through Rereading, Small-Group Instruction, and Independent Reading
Chapter 9. Close Reading for the Common Core--and More
Appendix I. Templates for Designing Close Reading Lessons
Preparing for Close Reading

Planning for Close Reading

Appendix II. Sample Lesson Plan for Shared Reading: "She Was THAT Kind of Lady"
Text Selection and Preparation for Close Reading

Lesson Planner for Close Reading

Appendix III. Templates for After Reading
Template 1: Most Important Words

Template 2: Theme Chart

Template 3: Gist Statement and Brief Summary

Template 4: Noticing Text Structure and Genre

Template 5: Evidence From First Close Reading of a Text

Template 6: Paraphrase It!

Template 7: Words That Show Tone

Template 8: Looking Into Illustrations

Template 9: Viewing a Video

Template 10: Reading a Photograph

Template 11: Evaluating an Argument

Template 12: Reading and Evaluating a Primary Source

Template 13: Reading Like a Scientist

Template 14: Reading Like a Historian

Appendix IV. Websites for Short Texts
Appendix V. Bibliography of Picture Books for Close Reading
Works Cited


“It’s a comfort knowing that at last there’s a book about close reading that honors and respects the needs of teachers in the intermediate grades. You will read, dog ear pages, study the book with team members, and revisit and reread parts on your own. It is a must-have book for your professional library and for professional learning communities!”

Laura Robb, Author of Unlocking Complex Texts

“Nancy Boyles does a superb job of explaining close reading and when teachers should have students engage with it. Through the wealth of practical teaching ideas she offers herein, she reminds us that reading is purpose driven. . . . The result is that teachers and students alike understand when to read close and, as important, not so close!”

Michael F. Opitz, Coauthor of Good-bye Round Robin, Updated Edition

“This is the book you have been waiting for! With keen insight and explicit attention to detail, Nancy Boyles provides the resources you need, just when you need them. Closer Reading is a ‘must have’ for all literacy leaders, administrators, and teachers who want to see their students gain a deeper understanding of reading comprehension.”

Cathy Mastrianna, President,Connecticut Reading Association
Connecticut Reading Association

“Nancy Boyles’ Closer Reading, Grades 3-6, is my new ‘go-to’ book  for sorting through the myths, mystique, uncertainties, and questions surrounding the close reading of complex text and, more importantly, the positioning of readers, writers, learners, and teachers as they navigate close reading within and beyond  a standards-based curriculum.”

Jane Wellman-Little, President, New England Reading Association
New England Reading Association


 “Nancy’s ability to ‘sit on your shoulder’ as she guides you to understand the real meaning of close reading, choose appropriate text for an authentic purpose, and assess its effectiveness--all while building on our prior knowledge and affirming our passion and commitment to be better teachers--is like no other. . . This outstanding resource is a ‘must-have’ professional text.”

Barbara E. Mechler, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, New Fairfield, CT
New Fairfield, CT

“Dr. Nancy Boyles combines her vast knowledge of literacy, the Common Core Standards, and best practices for students as she guides our understanding of close reading: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to embed it into daily instruction. . . . This book is a treasure of knowledge and practical teaching practices that won’t collect dust on any shelf.”

Jen Tapia, Director of Professional Development, Aurora Public Schools, IL
Aurora Public Schools, IL

Excellent Text, would recommend it when course content centers around close reading only. The course I am teaching needed more variety in terms of meeting the CCSS.

Mrs Kelly True
Grad/Continuing Ed/Professional Dev, Framingham State University
August 10, 2014

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