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Contextual Teaching and Learning

Contextual Teaching and Learning
What It Is and Why It's Here to Stay

January 2002 | 208 pages | Corwin
Contextual Teaching and Learning is an examination of a holistic approach to education. The book provides its readers with a comprehensive definition of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL), discussing its origins and philosophy, its basis in psychology, neuroscience, modern physics and biology. While attitudes toward education are often shaped by popular views in science, author Elaine B Johnson outlines the importance of integrating modern scientific discoveries into current education practices.

Contextual Teaching and Learning: What It Is and Why It's Here to Stay stresses interdependence, differentiation, and self-organization as the principals that form CTL, as opposed to the dualism between thought and action that plagues traditional views on education. Elaine B Johnson illustrates the relationship between brain functions, memory retention, and teaching methods, and the significance of incorporating real life examples in lesson plans.

About the Author
1. Why Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL)
2. A Definition: Why CTL Works
3. Making Connections to Find Meaning
4. Self-Regulated Learning and Collaboration
5. Critical and Creative Thinking
6. No One Is Ordinary: Nurturing the Individual
7. Reaching High Standards and Using Authentic Assessment
8. CTL: A Pathway to Excellence for Everyone

"Dr. Johnson’s book is far more than a how-to guide for constructing meaningful learning activities for students. It is the definitive treatise on the fundamental concepts of acquiring and transferring knowledge. This is an invaluable contribution."

Arlene H. Parisot, Director of Workforce Department
Office of Commissioner of Higher Education; Montana State System

"This is a ‘must’ read for all teachers and administrators in their search for meaning. Elaine Johnson has artfully captured the essence of the ‘best practices’ conversation taking place in schools today by speaking directly to the heart of classroom experience."

Stephen Olczak, Principal
Reynolds High School; Oregon

"…(This book) is a solid, definitive guide … to enable teachers from grade school through university levels help students achieve academic excellence. Contextual Teaching and Learning is a welcome and invaluable addition to professional and academic teacher education supplemental reading lists and reference collections."  

Wisconsin Bookwatch
April 2002, Page 10

"This book serves as an excellent guide to contextual teaching and learning (CTL). Presenting a clear case for practices that the best teachers intuitively use, Johnson ties theory to practice and demonstrates the application of the techniques prescribed."

P. H. Valley, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
CHOICE, 2002

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