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Cracking the Creativity Code

Cracking the Creativity Code
Zoom in/Zoom out/Zoom in Framework for Creativity, Fun, and Success

First Edition
  • Arie Ruttenberg - Creativity Bank
  • Shlomo Maital - Senior Research Fellow, S. Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science & Technology, Haifa, Israel

September 2014 | 168 pages | SAGE Response

Creativity is an acquired skill, one that improves with practice. Cracking the Creativity Code shows you how!

This book provides a proven method for generating world-changing ideas. It empowers individuals who have given up on their innate creativity, who believe that they have lost their creative powers through years of disuse.

In a light, entertaining style, the authors describe their unique, structured approach to creativity. To bring the reader closer to this lost art, the authors present a ‘Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom in’ technique to make ‘creation’ more accessible to everyone.

Reinvigorate your personal creativity machines—once turned on, it will generate an unending stream of novel ideas that can change the world.

The Last Chapter: How Come Nobody Thought of That Before?
Your Brain as a PC
Your Imagination: The Tool That Is Beyond Our Imagination
Taking the Imagination Elevator to the Land of Unlimited Possibilities
Creativity in Action: Stories to Aspire and Inspire
So—How in the World Do You Create?
Build Your Creativity Muscles: 10 + 1 Exercises for Heavy-Lifting Change-the-World Innovators
What Scholars Know about Creativity: A Journey Through the Literature
On Becoming Walter Mitty: The Fun of Imagining
Epilog: There Is Always More Than One (Right) Way…

“Who has not fantasized about inventing a world-changing technology and becoming overnight a star like Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates? Ruttenberg and Maital’s new book Cracking the Creativity Code delightfully shows that the talent of creativity can be mastered and developed and is not a privilege for just a few lucky ones. One just has to take the ‘Elevator’ and follow Zi-Zo-Zi, the angel of creativity and the authors’ instructions in order to develop and train the ‘creativity muscles’.I enthusiastically recommend this book to all who would like to learn about the talent of creativity and how to master it.”

Professor Peretz Lavie
President, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology

“After you read this fun book and discover the power of your creative mind, you will buy more copies as gifts for your friends.”

Professor Dan Shechtman
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 2011

“Imagination is caged within everyone of us. This book gives us simple tools to unlock it and innovate.”

David (Dadi) Perlmutter
Former Executive Vice-President, Intel Corp

“Competitive intensity is forcing every business to look at—what to change, what to change to, and how to change? The winning answers, obviously, depends on the level of creativity in a given organization. This book, with the simple yet powerful principle of Zi-Zo-Zi, coupled with many inspiring stories and many interesting exercises is a great read in helping businesses to democratize creativity, a critical ingredient required to win in the market place.” 

L.R. Natarajan
CEO, NBD, Titan Company Limited

“Today’s world demands an innovative bent of mind to succeed. With easy to follow exercises and plenty of real-world examples, Arie Ruttenberg and Shlomo Maital set the readers on a truly rewarding path that helps them unlock their creative potential.”

J.V. Ramamurthy
Chief Operating Officer, HCL Infosystems

“Not just another book on innovation!!! What sets this book apart is the innovative manner in which the process of creativity and innovation is dissected and presented. There is an art in everything we do while we sometimes fail to recognize the element of science in it. This book brings out the ‘how to’ of innovation and thus making it appealing to individuals who want to unleash their creativity as well as those who want to unleash the potential for innovation in their organization. Early on in the book, the concepts are brought out through an engaging fairy tale, making it refreshingly practical and simple.”

Thulasiraj Ravilla
Executive Director, Aravind Eye Care System

“The literal elevator into the land of imagination presented by the author is reminiscent of the elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl – except this elevator ride starts with the promise of a golden ticket to creativity.”

Shikhar Mohan
CEO,, former Brand Head, HCL Infosystems, internationally awarded adman, ex-Jury member of New York Festivals, USA

[The book] delightfully shows that the talent of creativity can be mastered and developed and is not a privilege for just a few lucky ones. One just has to take the ‘Elevator’ and follow Zi-Zo-Zi, the angel of creativity and the authors’ instructions in order to develop and train the ‘creativity muscles’…I enthusiastically recommend this book to all who would like to learn about the talent of creativity and how to master it.

Professor Peretz Lavie
President, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology

This is indeed a well-researched and very interesting piece of work in which different aspects of creativity are touched to explore the real meaning out of it. This is a great work to understand the concept ‘creating’ better. The ideas and concepts given by authors are very useful.

Global Business Review,
Volume 17 (Issue 2), April 2016

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