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Designing and Developing Programs for Gifted Students

Designing and Developing Programs for Gifted Students

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December 2002 | 200 pages | Corwin
Gifted programmes are a lot of work and often require great vision and resiliency to sustain, however, they have the potential to change lives. When managed and developed properly, gifted programmes can create changes in their students that endure beyond the length of the programme. Children can begin to take hold of their own talents when they gain confidence in themselves and their interests. Families can assume a stronger leadership role in advocating for the needs of their children once they understand what practical steps they can take and how to take them. Designing and Developing Programs for Gifted Students presents the insights and experience of practitioners in the field of gifted education to explore how gifted programmes work, what they can do for families, and the steps others have taken to develop successful programmes in different environments.

This joint publication with the National Association for Gifted Children provides readers with the information and tools necessary for designing and developing gifted programmes in any school district. The chapters are compiled in such a way to be accessible to researchers, non-specialists, teachers and administrators.

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About the Contributors
Joan Franklin Smutny
Joan Franklin Smutny and Cheryl Lind
1. From Needs and Goals to Program Organization: A Nuts-and-Bolts Guide
Joan Franklin Smutny
2. Developing and Designing Programs Serving Young Gifted Children
Norman J. Mirman
3. Identifying and Selecting Teachers
Mary K. Pleiss
4. Special Programs at the Elementary Level: Content and Methods
Cheryll M. Adams and Sara Delano Moore
5. Designing and Implementing Curriculum for Programs: Elementary and Middle School Levels
Christopher M. Freeman
6. Designing Math Curriculum to Encourage Inductive Thinking by Elementary and Middle-School Students: Basic Principles to Follow
Eileen Kelble
7. Reflections on Special Programming for the Disadvantaged Students
Patricia L. Hollingsworth
8. University School's Community Talent Development Program
Ruth Erken
9. The Prevention and Enrichment Program for Families with Gifted Children
Maria Lucia Sabatella
10. Role of Programs: Relationships With Parents, Schools, and Communities
Pam Piskurich
11. The Role of Summer Programs: Providing Support for Students, Parents, and Schools
Deborah E. Bordelon
12. Support for Gifted Programs: Parents, School, and Community
Cheryll M. Adams
13. Assessment: Impact on Children, Parents, and Teachers
Joan Franklin Smutny
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An inspirational and insightful gathering of educational wisdom.

Midwest Book Review, October 2003

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