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The Educator's Book of Quotes

The Educator's Book of Quotes

  • John Blaydes - Association of California School Administrators

May 2003 | 240 pages | Corwin
`Teachers affect eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops' - Henry Adams

`Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theatre' - Gail Godwin

`The task of the best teacher is to balance the difficult juggling act of becoming vitally, vigorously, creatively, energetically, and inspiringly unnecessary' - Gerald O Grow

Nationally acclaimed speaker and educator John Blaydes has compiled nuggets of wit and wisdom to motivate and inspire his fellow teachers. He has provided a central resource to which you can turn quickly for a compilation of quotes relating to education and leadership. The quotes are organized for easy access and referenced by themes, including:

- the art of teaching

- children

- principles for principals

- inspirational leadership

- creating a culture of excellence

- education is the key.

About the Author
1. Inspiration
2. The Art Of Teaching
3. Children
4. Character
5. Managing Change
6. Advice For Life
7. Principles for Principals
8. For a Good Laugh
9. Inspirational Leadership
10. Success
11. Communications
12. Balancing The Time Crunch
13. Pearls of Wisdom
14. Creating a Culture of Excellence
15. Encouragement For The Soul
16. Education is The Key

A book of wise and witty quotes educators can use to inspire themselves and their students.

Skipping Stones, March 2004

For instructors

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