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Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy
To Be a Different Kind of Smart

  • Rob Bocchino - Heart of Change; Change of Heart, Associates, NY

August 1999 | 176 pages | Corwin
This book is an excellent introduction to emotional literacy for teachers and staff developers. It focuses on background and research on emotional literacy: understanding and managing emotions, communication skills and rapport building; developing an internal coach; and implications and next steps.
Emotional Literacy
Foundations and Background

Defining Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Literacy
Understanding the Triune Brain
Managing Emotions
Self-Awareness and Anchoring

Communicating through Reframing and Positive Intentionality
Reflective Listening and Overcoming Reactive Responses
Nonverbal Clues
The Dance of Silent Communication

Maintaining Important Relationships
Assertion and Apology

Learning from Experience

The Power of Vision
Identifying Outcomes

Attribution Theory
Foundations of Self-Esteem

Effects of Emotional Literacy
Some Final Thoughts

"Timely and useful. Provides clear and practical strategies to help young people and adults achieve successful and satisfying lives by understanding and managing emotions." 

Robert Garmston, Professor Emeritus
California State University, Sacramento

"Emotional Literacy offers a concise and practical application of the social skills needed to be a productive, fulfilled member of society. This must-read is for everyone concerned about the development of the whole child." 

Pat Wolfe, Educational Consultant
Napa, California

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