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Engaging the Disengaged

Engaging the Disengaged
How Schools Can Help Struggling Students Succeed

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December 2007 | 304 pages | Corwin
High school instructors need to focus on engagement, not just motivation to inspire student learning. Based on Lois Easton's experience working with the toughest students, at-risk kids, struggling students, and drop outs - Engaging the Disengaged offers teachers strategies that work to harness students' interests and creativity. This book includes techniques and ideas that can be adapted for any type of environment and at both the classroom and school level.
About the Author
Section 1. Improving the Culture for Struggling Students
1. From a Testing to a Learning Culture: "What About Test Scores?"
2. Relationships Are as Important as Content: "What Do You Mean, Build Relationships? My Job Is to Teach History."
3. Intentional Learning Communities Foster Learning: "What's Community Got to Do With Learning?"
4. How Principles Govern a School Better Than Rules: "So, What About Discipline?"
5. A Democratic School Helps Students Learn: "What's Democratic About Schools?"
Section 2. Improving Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Struggling Students
6. Developing Curriculum According to the Right Standards: "What About Standards?"
7. Innovative Instructional Strategies Help Students Learn: "How Do You Get Them to Learn?"
8. Learning From Assessing Learning: "How Do You Know They've Learned?"
Conclusion: The Importance of Looking at the Student as a Whole Person
Resources: Part A. About Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center
Resources: Part B. Test Score Data From Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center

"Principals—particularly secondary principals—should find this book and Easton's earlier work to be all the basic resources required. It is comprehensive and deals with the critical issues of the day."

Richard W. Clark, Executive Vice President
Institute for Educational Inquiry

"An inspiring book! Easton's clear, compelling writing is made more vivid by the wonderful real-life examples."

Dennis Sparks, Emeritus Executive Director
National Staff Development Council

"The teacher who knows how to re-engage a child in his or her own learning is a treasure indeed, as is the school that supports such a teacher. Easton tells the stories of these teachers in one such school. They are stories from which all teachers—and principals, school boards, parents, and students—can learn."

Ted and Nancy Sizer
Coalition of Essential Schools

"Easton's book shares realistic and inspiring examples of the kind of engagement that transforms kids' lives."

Horace: The Journal of the Coalition of Essential Schools, Winter 2007

“This insightful and invaluable resource is about changing the culture of schools to be more humane for struggling learners. Filled with real examples, it inspires teachers to create an integrated system of support that can make a significant change in their school’s culture to engage developing minds and champion all learners, regardless of socioeconomic factors.”, November 2007

"Should be required reading for any teacher."

California Bookwatch, December 2007
Midwest Book Review

“This is a very practical text strongly anchored in theory. By looking at the ‘so what’ and ‘what now’ sections at the end of each chapter, teachers have an opportunity to practice some of these lessons. Easton presents an excellent analysis of self-directed learners, and looks at constructivist and traditional classrooms as well as project-based and experiential learning.”

Education Libraries, Spring 2008, Vol. 30(3)

"The author defines engagement as what happens when students 'want to learn and keep learning.' She strongly believes that it is central to the purpose of education and can occur for all students when 'challenge and skill are well-matched.' Easton’s book provides a road map for change in school culture, curriculum, and instruction for all grade levels."

Curriculum Connections, Spring 2008
School Library Journal

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