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Facilitator's Guide to The Win-Win Classroom

Facilitator's Guide to The Win-Win Classroom
A Fresh and Positive Look at Classroom Management

June 2008 | 88 pages | Corwin
Based onáJane Bluestein'sábook The Win-Win Classroom, this guide gives staff developers and workshop leaders the tools to facilitate book study groups, seminars, and professional development events to help educators prevent discipline problems, build student accountability, end frustrating power struggles with kids of all ages, and build a positive social culture within schools and classrooms. Trainers will be able to useáa chapter-by-chapter study guide to lead discussions about:The System, Your Students, and YouThe ChallengesRestructuring Power DynamicsEstablishing Authority in a Win-Win ClassroomSuccess OrientationIncreasing PositivityWorking the SystemAdditional resources include win-win ideas for administrators, sample workshop agendas, and a workshop evaluation form.
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Additional Resources for Facilitators

Chapter-by-Chapter Study Guide: The Win-Win Classroom: A Fresh and Positive Look at Classroom Management by Jane Bluestein
Part I: The System, Your Students, and You
Chapter 1. Drawing the Line

Chapter 2. Starting Where You Are

Chapter 3. Clarifying What You Want

Part II: The Challenges
Chapter 4. Behavior and the Brain

Chapter 5. Tripping Over the System

Chapter 6. Catching Up to the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 7. Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

Part III: Restructuring Power Dynamics
Chapter 8. Connecting With Kids

Chapter 9. Who's Got the Power?

Chapter 10. Win-Win Authority Relationships

Part IV: Establishing Authority in a Win-Win Classroom
Chapter 11. Mastering Motivation

Chapter 12. The Power of Choice

Chapter 13. The Beauty of Boundaries

Chapter 14. Following Through

Chapter 15. Responding Nonreactively

Part V: Success Orientation
Chapter 16. Managing a Win-Win Classroom

Chapter 17. Planning for Success

Chapter 18. Learning Styles and Preferences

Part VI: Increasing Positivity
Chapter 19. Changing Your Focus

Chapter 20. Creating Congruence

Chapter 21. Keeping the Good Stuff Going

Chapter 22. Supporting Emotional and Social Development

Chapter 23. Building Problem-Solving Skills

Part VII: Working the System
Chapter 24. Backup and Support

Chapter 25. Secrets of Successful Self-Care

Resource A. Win-Win Ideas for Administrators
Resource B. Magic Sentences
Resource C. Characteristics of Healthy Relationships
Sample Workshop Agendas
Half-Day Workshop Agenda

Full-Day Workshop Agenda

Two-Day Workshop Agenda

Workshop Evaluation Form

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