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The First-Time Grantwriter's Guide to Success

The First-Time Grantwriter's Guide to Success

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Education Finance & Funding

May 2002 | 152 pages | Corwin
In any organization that is alive with creative ideas, funding is a constant problem. Finding ways to support new programmes without cutting back on existing services can seem impossible to school districts whose budgets tighten annually. Therefore, finding a resource for funding outside of limited budgets is crucial; grants can provide that resource. Grant money is available for just about anything, if you know where to look and how to write the proposal. The First-Time Grantwriter's Guide to Success is a broadly applicable book that can be used by anyone assembling any grant proposal. While the book focuses on US Department of Education grants, it examines the common selection criteria applied by the majority of governmental departments, and includes portions of actual grant applications as examples.

The First-Time Grantwriter's Guide to Success is a complete reference to grant funding. The book includes multiple examples, as well as first hand experiences, failures, and successes. The author Cynthia Knowles provides readers with detailed information to navigate the process, from research, to writing, to submitting the final proposal. She includes a complete glossary of statute terms, forms and figures to assist readers in organization and planning, and a list of alternative grantwriting resources.

List of Figures
About the Author
1. Where's the Money?
Funding That Matches Needs

Primary Sources of Funding Information

Secondary Sources of Funding Information

Online Sources of Funding Information

Private, Corporate, and Foundation Funding

Online Grantwriting Tools


Where's the Money?: Checklist

2. A First Look at the Application Process
Cover Letter

Authorizing Legislation


Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Estimated Range of Rewards

Project Length

Prohibited Uses

Selection Factors


Selection Criteria



A First Look: Checklist

3. Write to Your Audience
The Readers

Technical Review Form

Authorizing Statute

Getting Started


Write to Your Audience: Checklist

4. Establishing Need

Establishing Need

Existing Resources

Establishing Need: Checklist

5. Goals and Objectives


Objectives and the Authorizing Statute

Goals and Objectives: Checklist

6. Plan of Operation
Literature Review

Resources and Personnel

Management Plan

Sound Research Methods

Equal Access

Dissemination and Replication


Plan of Operation: Checklist

7. Quality of Key Personnel
Project Director

Staff Distribution

Job Descriptions

Quality of Key Personnel: Checklist

8. Budget Development
Budget Form

Budget Narrative

Years Two and Three


Budget Development: Checklist

9. Evaluation Plan
Implementation Evaluation

Outcome Evaluation

Model Programs

Evaluation Plan: Checklist

10. Commitment and Capacity
Adequacy of Resources


Commitment and Capacity: Checklist

11. Cover Sheets, Abstracts, and Other Miscellany
Cover Sheet

Protection of Human Subjects in Research

Table of Contents



Submitting Your Application

After Submission

Cover Sheets, Abstracts, and Other Miscellany: Checklist

Resource A: Meeting the Purposes of the Authorizing Statute
Resource B: Community and School Demographics
Resource C: Student Enrollment Data Collection Form
Resource D: Summary Teacher Education/Expertise
Resource E: Process Objectives
Resource F: Outcome Objectives
Resource G: Project Workplan
Resource H: Project Timeline
Resource I: Proposed Staff Distribution
Resource J: Writing An Abstract
Resource K: Glossary
Resource L: Grantwriting FAQs
Resource M: Forms
Other Grantwriting Resources

 "Direct, clear, and concise, this comprehensive book is full of good suggestions for everyone from a novice to an experienced grantwriter. The author’s use of simple language makes it easy to read and understand."

Michael Cormier, Superintendent
Maine School Administration, District #9

 "The detail and step-by-step discussion of the grantwriting process presented in this book provide a high level of comfort without being overwhelming. The large number of grant resources and checklists are invaluable."

Bill Ferland, Information Technology Coordinator
Rhode Island Office of Higher Education

 "For inexperienced and experienced grantwriters alike, this extremely useful reference book uses an easy-to-read format that encourages readers to go forth in the grantseeker’s world with confidence."

Cynthia Davidson, Assistant Director Financial Aid
Rutgers University

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