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Green Light Classrooms

Green Light Classrooms
Teaching Techniques That Accelerate Learning

August 2008 | 200 pages | Corwin
How can today's teachers successfully develop lessons that will inspire students and ignite in them the desire to learn? This book highlights several fundamental principles of effective learning that can be utilized while teaching almost ANY content to create a dynamic, engaging lesson and produce high level results.

Each chapter introduces a new "building block" for effective instruction and illustrates this technique using descriptions, examples, analogies, and metaphors. Chapters conclude with a sample lesson plan showing how this technique can be applied to a specific topic.

About the Author
1. Overview
2. Memory
3. Connections
4. Movement
5. Novelty
6. Tone
7. Emotions
8. Socialization
9. Drama
10. Visuals
Final Note

"This is a practical and highly engaging book about how to be a highly engaging teacher. In today’s world of on-demand entertainment and fast-paced action, the strategies in this book help teachers offer what students need in order to learn."

Renee Peoples, Fourth-Grade Teacher and Swain County Math Coach
West Elementary School, Bryson City, NC

"This book provides a variety of new approaches, strategies, techniques, concepts, and ideas that teachers can implement in their classroom to increase the educational success of their students."

Beth Wile, Sixth-Grade Science Teacher
Union Park Middle School, Orlando, FL

“My daughter applied the techniques for learning found in Rich Allen’s Green Light Classrooms in a second grade class and was amazed how using mystery in science excited her students. I saw the same excitement in adults learning safety concepts; the class was energized! Even after returning from a break, the class was still discussing what they learned and I knew I’d found a powerful method for teaching. I’ll continue to use this valuable resource for my own classes and my daughter will as well!”

Dave Barber, MS, CIH
College of New Mexico

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: Overview

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