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A Handbook for Teacher Leaders

A Handbook for Teacher Leaders

May 1995 | 264 pages | Corwin
Though schools have long relied on teachers to assume leadership roles, they have received little assistance in becoming the leaders they are expected to be. Leadership preparation tends to focus on teaching educators to become administrators rather than teacher leaders. This innovative sourcebook is designed to redress the balance.

Based on a thorough review of current literature, A Handbook for Teacher Leaders guides readers through the leadership skills and strategies they will require. Issues covered include leading in curriculum development and school restructuring, and leading teachers in their professional development.

Who Will Be Leading Our Schools?
Creating a Helping Relationship
Helping Teachers Make Curriculum Decisions
Helping Teachers Plan Instruction
Helping Teachers Teach Effectively
Helping Teachers Learn from Their Students
Helping Teachers Grow Professionally
Peer Coaching
Teachers Helping Teachers One-on-One

Reform, Restructuring and Renewal
The Critical Need for Teacher Leadership


"The authors skillfully present the many ways a PAR approach can be tailored to a given district or school. This book provides a wealth of material to assist any principal, school, or district with its teacher improvement needs." 

Peter Airasian, Professor
Boston College

"If you are ready for peer review, Anderson and Pellicer offer the model. If you are trying to make the decision, Teacher Peer Assistance and Review offers a realistic look at the pros and cons, the do’s and don’ts of this hot topic. A wonderful and unique addition to the literature!" 

Anna Hicks McFadden, Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations
Western Carolina University

"Anderson and Pellicer offer a thoughtful and fair analysis of peer review as it relates to teaching performance. This is the place to start if improving the overall quality of instruction is important in your school district." 

Dal Lawrence, Former President
Toledo Federation of Teachers; Toledo, OH

"In their book, Teacher Peer Assistance and Review, Anderson and Pellicer present a compelling case for involving teachers in the instructional supervision process. They also point out the challenges associated with peer assistance and review and provide the reader with a step-by-step guide for overcoming them. Written in a clear, straightforward style, this book is a must-read for teachers, administrators, and policymakers who are serious about implementing effective peer assistance and review programs." 

Aretha B. Pigford, Chair
Department of Educational Leadership and Human Services; Florida A&M Univ.

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