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The High School Principal's Calendar

The High School Principal's Calendar
A Month-by-Month Planner for the School Year

August 2000 | 192 pages | Corwin
This book will be a valuable organizational tool for both new and experienced principals. Optimum planning means more than assessing the past, the truly effective principal must be a visionary and in July his/her focus should be directed toward developing strategic future plans. Beginning with July, the Principal's Calender provides a month-to-month checklist of tasks that if properly addressed, will make the school year run smoothly from opening to end.

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1. July
2. August
3. September
4. October
5. November
6. December
7. January
8. February
9. March
10. April
11. May
12. June
Resource A: Teachers' Manual Revisions Memo
Resource B: Teachers' Manual Index
Resource C: Meetings Calendar Memo
Resource D: Fundraising Calendar Memo
Resource E: Building Security Memo
Resource F: Orientation Agenda
Resource G: Weekly Memo
Resource H: National Honor Society Selection Process
Resource I: Homecoming Parade Memo
Resource J: Use of Building Memo
Resource K: How to Help Memo
Resource L: Cap and Gown Letter
Resource M: Emergency Drills Memo
Resource N: Class Elections Memos
Resource O: Locker Cleanup Memos
Resource P: End-of-Year Checkout List

"This book is one of the most useful, plainly written, yet comprehensive, step-by-step plans that I have seen. This is a must-have management book." 

Donna Trevathan
Principal, Warren County Middle School, McMinnville, TN

"I was tremendously impressed by the quality of what can serve as a very effective tools for new principals. The organization of the planners is well conceived, and the insights into the role of the principal—in today's schools—will be invaluable."

Sheldon Karnilow, Superintendent
Half Hollow Hills Central School District, Dix Hills, NY

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