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Inside Full-Service Community Schools

Inside Full-Service Community Schools

July 2002 | 256 pages | Corwin
Inside Full-Service Community Schools combines the on-site knowledge of school principal Sue Maguire, who has created a model full-service community school, with the deep experience and understanding of research-advocate Joy Dryfoos, who has tracked the development of these school transformation models across the country. The result is a highly practical, real-world guide with a unique local--national perspective. Topics include:

- Getting started

- Providing a range of services

- Staffing: what works and what doesn't

- Collaborating with the government and private sector

- Involving parents

- Overcoming barriers

- Funding

- Sustaining the school

In this groundbreaking work, experts Dryfoos and Maguire share both personal and comparative models, examining the full spectrum of community schools in urban, suburban, and rural settings. The book is ideal for reformers, administrators, and anyone interested in the future of education in America.


About the Authors
1. Why Full-Service Community Schools?
2. How Do Full-Service Community Schools Get Started?
3. What Kinds of Services Can Schools Provide?
4. What Goes On During the Extended Day?
5. What Are the Staffing Considerations?
6. How Are Effective Partnerships Developed?
7. How Are Parents Brought on Board?
8. Do Community Schools Work? Assessment and Evaluation
9. What Are the Barriers to Creating Full-Service Community Schools?
10. How Can These Schools and Programs Be Funded?
11. What Is the Prognosis?
Appendix A: Strengthening Partnerships: Community School Assessment Checklist
Appendix B: Community Needs Assessment: Parent Survey
Appendix C: Child Care Programs Handbook
Appendix D: Request for Consultation
Appendix E: After-School Program Sample Forms
Appendix F: Sample Communications With Parents About After-School Programs
Appendix G: Sample Job Descriptions for Family Center Employees

"Dryfoos and Maguire’s book moves the concept of a full-service community school from the fringes of public education into the mainstream. It inspires the belief that the best schools are full-service community schools and motivates the reader to seek them out." 

Lisa Villarreal, Director
California Center for Community-School Partnerships; California

"It is a valuable tool for parents, educators, school officials, and elected officials who are interested in looking at innovative ways to improve learning and achievement for our nation’s children."

Sandra Feldman, President
American Federation of Teachers

"The voices of Joy Dryfoos as national policy analyst, and Sue Maguire as school principal bring to life in new ways the vision of how full- service community schools can help students learn and families and communities succeed. This book will be of great value to policymakers and practitioners alike."

Martin J. Blank, Director for Community Collaboration
The Institute for Educational Leadership; Washington, DC

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