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Integrative Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Integrative Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences

May 2011 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Designed to engage students and lower their "fear factor", Integrative Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences is a concise, user-friendly text that prepares students for the real-world applications of statistics. Students will learn the full range of statistical tests available to them, the skills to choose the appropriate statistical analysis when faced with a dataset, and the skills to interpret the output from the wide variety of statistical software packages available (including Excel and SPSS).
About the Authors
Part I. Descriptive Statistics
1. Introduction to Statistics: What Are You Getting Into?
2. Getting Started With Statistics
3. Frequency Distributions and Graphing
4. The Mean and Standard Deviation
5. The Normal Distribution, Standardized Scores, and Probability
Part II. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
6. Sampling Distribution of the Mean and the Single-Sample z Statistic
7. Inferential Statistics
8. Single-Sample Tests
9. Two-Sample Tests
Part III. Additional Hypothesis Tests
10. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
11. Complex ANOVA Designs
12. Correlation and Regression
13. General Linear Model
14. Nonparametric Tests
15. Review
Homework Answers
Appendix: Statistical Tables

Great introduction to statistics which breaks down key concepts in a clear and concise way. Provides extra activities to be completed in seminars or tutorials.

Miss Aimee Smith
Humanities English and Languages, Peterborough Regional College
November 2, 2011

This book may be too braod in its outlook for this course.

Professor Paul Hackett
Education Dept, Tufts University
October 6, 2011

This book is excellent however, the faculty felt that it was to advanced for our undergrads

Professor David Bambridge
N/A, Warner Univ
September 14, 2011

Decided on another text that has more of a research methods focus. Thanks!

Professor Jeanne Horst
Psychology Dept, Eastern Mennonite University
August 8, 2011

Clear presentation of basic statistics with a research emphasis.

Dr Sue Kavli
College Of Business, Dallas Baptist University
August 6, 2011

coverage of topics, organization, balance of technical information and hands on application, price

Dr Leslie Gill
Psychology, Eastern New Mexico University
August 1, 2011

Our current text from Sage "Stats for People Who (Think They) Hate Stats" will be used again for the fall semester, 2011. The Instructor for the course is currently satisfied with this text from Sage.

Dr John Dollar
Human Development Dept, Northwestern State University
May 18, 2011

When individual graduate students require statistical analysis, then I require them to purchase this text. It is easy to understand and concepts have been explained well. Also, this text is helpful for students in selecting the appropriate statistical tools for their projects.

Dr Rita McNeil
Human Resource Train Dev Dept, Idaho State University - Pocatello
May 17, 2011

Clear and concise with a focus on social sciences.

Dr Christian Steinmetz
Leadership Found Policy Dept, University of Virginia
May 17, 2011

A book that is leaning more towards analysis of health research would work better for my students.

Dr Stella Iwuagwu
Health Sciences Dept, Cleveland State University
May 8, 2011

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