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Leading for Diversity

Leading for Diversity
How School Leaders Promote Positive Interethnic Relations

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September 2002 | 216 pages | Corwin
`I strongly endorse this book and feel that it holds great promise for the field' -

Ray Terrell, Coauthor of Cultural Proficiency ( Corwin Press, 1999)

This timely volume provides powerful solutions for building models of leadership that are effective in developing schools wherein positive interethnic relations can flourish. Schools can be vehicles for interethnic change when proactive leadership is developed and maintained.

About the Authors
Part I. A Framework for Developing Positive Interethnic Communities
1. Leading From Within
2. Assessing the School Context
3. Understanding Racial and Ethnic Conflict
4. Identifying High-Priority Needs--Individual and Schoolwide
5. Envisioning Positive Interethnic Relations
6. Selecting Approaches for a Coherent Plan
7. Implementing and Refining the Plan
8. Documenting and Communicating Success in Interethnic Relations
Part II. Cases in Interethnic Relations for School Leaders
9. The Ripple Effect of Conflict
10. The Power of the School Secretary
11. Challenging Attitudes
12. What's Data Got to Do With It?
13. Dilemmas of Pluralism and Unity
14. Maintaining Confidentiality
Resource A: Methodology
Resource B: Resources for Schools
Resource C: Alignment With Standards for School Leadership

"I strongly endorse this book and feel that it holds great promise for the field."

Ray Terrell
Coauthor of Cultural Proficiency

"These are wonderful descriptions of the work that needs to be done in schools and with school administrators."

Kikanza Nuri Robbins, author
Coauthor of Cultural Proficiency

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Chapter 1: Leading From Within

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