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Lesson Study Communities

Lesson Study Communities
Increasing Achievement With Diverse Students

Foreword by Akihiko Takahashi

September 2006 | 224 pages | Corwin
Educators have been examining the Japanese lesson study model for years, but dissimilar environments have prevented a widescale adoption of this effective form of professional learning.

Lesson Study Communities demonstrates how to translate each step of the Japanese lesson study process to your educational environment. Offering specific strategies that have been tested and successfully used with ethnically diverse students, this book incorporates a culturally responsive approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Working in impoverished schools, Wiburg and Brown's program made significant progress toward closing the achievement gap.

Applicable to math, science, reading, language arts, and social studies programs, this implementation guide:

• Explains how to connect lesson study to school or district instructional goals

• Provides case examples and step-by-step guidance

• Reveals how lesson study can be integrated into daily work

• Offers extended learning activities and exercises

Addressing the challenge of changing student demographics, this book includes guidance on assessing readiness for lesson study, planning the research lesson, gathering data, modifying the lesson, and sharing findings.

Staff developers, teachers, and administrators committed to increasing student achievement will find this to be a significant stride toward ensuring academic success.

Foreword by Akihiko Takahashi
About the Authors
1. Translating Lesson Study From Japan to the United States
2. Building Successful Lesson Study Communities
3. Assessing Your Readiness for Lesson Study
4. Connecting Instructional Goals to Lesson Study
5. Designing the Research Lesson
6. Reflecting on and Sharing Your Research Lesson
7. Integrating Lesson Study With Existing School Initiatives
Resource A: Professional Development Materials
Resource B: A Problem-Centered Unit

"Required reading for school district professional development leaders who want systemic and consistent improvement. Wiburg and Brown share how this powerful professional development model from Japan can address the educational needs of students in culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse U.S. environments."

David Rutledge, Assistant Professor
New Mexico State University

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