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Let Us Hear Them Speak

Let Us Hear Them Speak
Developing Speaking-Listening Skills in English (With CD)

First Edition
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July 2015 | 160 pages | SAGE Texts

Offers a refreshing and unique approach to the techniques of teaching ‘listening and speaking English’ to non-native speakers of the language.

This book is the result of a widely felt need among the teachers to understand and overcome various challenges involved in teaching of listening and speaking skills in English in a non-English-speaking environment.Pedagogically rich,this textbook elaborates upon the theories, principles and methodologies pertaining to the enhancement of imparting these specific language skills.

A must-read text for the trainee-teachers (students of BEd/MEd) of English, it provides a balanced blend of theory and practice of teaching ‘listening and speaking skills in English’ in the context of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). This well-researched textbook includes numerous tasks and activities aimed towards enhancing the learning output of the learners. The accompanying audio CD has been meticulously prepared, which includes examples and opportunities for practising listening and speaking English.

Key Features:

•  CD with audio examples and activities with necessary notes for teachers/instructors.

•  Balanced blend of theory and practice of teaching ‘listening and speaking skills in English’ to non-native speakers.

•  Theory supported by over 70 task-based activities for enhancing and testing listening and speaking skills.

•  Text based on up-to-date research with extensive reference to related literature from India and abroad.

The Study of Spoken English
The Teaching of Spoken English
The Study of Listening Skills
The Teaching of Listening Skills
Sample Tasks
Testing Listening and Speaking


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ISBN: 9789351502463