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Literacy in the Digital Age

Literacy in the Digital Age

Second Edition

Foreword by Donna Ogle

February 2008 | 152 pages | Corwin
Literacy in the Digital Age shows teachers how to help students communicate clearly, accurately, purposefully, and tactfully using current electronic technology. With the main focus on literacy and critical thinking, this book explains how teachers can incorporate technology to advance students literacy skills and deepen their thinking about the content, perspective, and validity of information online. Specific case studies and teacher tips demonstrate how to strengthen students' skills as responsible online communicators, help them learn how to evaluate websites, and guide them in developing collaborative student projects.
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Foreword by Donna Ogle
About the Author
Cyberwriter at Work: The Design of This Book

How to Read This Book: A Linear Approach to Hypertext

1. Media Literacy: Broadening the Definition of Computer Literacy
The Curricular Conundrum

The Rhetorical Triangle: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos

Media Literacy Challenge #1: The Rhetoric of Computer Advertising

Is Everything an Argument?

Media Literacy Challenge #2: Arguments "R" Us

The Technology of Writing

Media Literacy Challenge #3: Musical Chairs and Writing Technology

Civil Literacy

2. Civil Literacy: The Cyberpilot's License
The Cyberpilot's License

Know Your Vehicle

Rights and Responsibilities

Who and What Rules the Airwaves?

Piloting Skills & Netiquette

Intellectual Property in Cyberspace: An Overview

Civil Literacy Challenge #1: Borrowing Without Stealing

Civil Literacy Challenge #2: Putting out the Flames

3. Discourse Literacy: Beyond the Chat Room
Discourse Literacy Challenge #1: Hearing Voices

Discourse Literacy Challenge #2: Imitating Voices

Greater Expectations: Synchronous Online Discussions

Case Study: Paul M.

Establish the Rules, Play by the Rules

Discourse Literacy Challenge #3: Role Playing Online

Case Study: Online Role Playing

Personal Literacy

4. Personal Literacy: Discovering Oneself Online
Initiation Stories

Fostering Personal Literacy

Personal Literacy Challenge #1: The Why List

Why Ask Why? Increasing Student Awareness

Why Ask Why? Inviting Response

Case Study: The Why List Online

Personal Literacy Challenge #2: The Hypertext Why List

Beyond Personal Inquiry: Community Literacy

5. Community Literacy: Composing Ourselves in a Virtual Community
Community Literacy Challenge #1: The Sequential Story

Case Study: A Telecollaborative, Sequential Story

Community Literacy Challenge #2: Putting E-mail in the Right E-envelope

Course Web Sites: A Community Work in Progress

Visual Literacy

6. Visual Literacy: Web Sites, Rhetorically Speaking
What Are You Looking At?

Case Study: The State of The Onion

Seeing Is Believing (and Other Satirical Lessons)

Measuring the Sum of a Web Site's Parts

Visual Literacy Challenge #1: The Rhetorical Analysis of Web Documents

Visual Literacy Challenge #2: Web Sites and Evaluative Arguments

Global Literacy

7. Evaluative Literacy: Peer Reviews, Electronic Portfolios, and Online Learning Records
Evaluative Literacy Challenge #1: The Hypertext Writing Workshop

Case Study: Electronic Portfolios

Case Study: Online Learning Records

Pedagogical Literacy

8. Pedagogical Literacy: Plugging Into Electronic Pedagogy
Mr. Wynegar's Pastime: Tradition and the Individual Teacher

Ms. Sabadilla and The Electronic Chalkboard

Electronic Pedagogy: The Web Site

Appendix: Index of Web Sites
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"Burniske shows us how to expand our instruction so that electronic literacy becomes an essential component of our classrooms. He challenges us to realize our commitment to develop our students as critical and reflective language users. This is a book all serious literacy professionals need to read and discuss with colleagues."

From the Foreword by Donna Ogle

"An important, key exploration of how teachers can help students become good online communicators."

The Bookwatch, June 2008
Midwest Book Review

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