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Management Essentials

Management Essentials
A Recipe for Business Success

First Edition

August 2013 | 170 pages | SAGE Response
Management Essentials is a simplified and synthesized version of core management principles to help readers appreciate the fundamentals of managing enterprises successfully in a competitive environment. It addresses the current dilemma in the field of management, where a strong perception exists that management theory and actual practice are increasingly disconnected from each other.

The book delves into the notion of ‘value’ creation cycle in an enterprise in relation to the competition and the importance to stay ahead on this curve vis-à-vis the competition. It discusses the interrelated concepts of analysis and decision making, and then goes further to connect the popular notion of branding to good business acumen.

By drawing upon the author’s extensive experience in academia and industry, the book uniquely intertwines theory with practice to join the dots across disparate business management concepts.
Foreword Anupam Sirbhaiya


Effective Management Philosophy: The Rationale

The Power of Anticipation

When you can't Anticipate Well, You Must React on Time

Some Crucial Inputs for Running the Organization

Analysis, the Groundwork for Good Decision-Making

Branding: Is it all about Good Business Acumen?

Some Stray Thoughts on Effective Management Practice




Chef Arindam gives us the perfect recipe of analysis, anticipation and acumen peppered with a dash of hard-talking honesty. Bon Appétit.

Niteen Bhagwat
Executive Director, DraftFCB-Ulka & CEO, Asterii Analytics, Mumbai, India

Professor Banerjee has written a brilliant tour de force on management education, making the case for teaching rigorous approaches to business management and debunking the notion that it is merely placement mechanism to serve companies.

Dr Suresh Divakar
Vice President, Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Jersey, USA

Why some organizations fail but some succeed? Why some fail to sustain their success story but some others could? These questions are as intriguing as why some nations are rich and some are poor. Scores of books are written on this topic but most are anecdotal in nature. In this delightfully readable book, Banerjee develops a convincing thesis with verve, grounded in scientific management principles and generalizable across contexts.

Tathagata Bandyopadhyay
Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

This book will help you at any stage of life that you are in: as a student, it will help answer your fledgling questions; as a sceptic, ‘been there, done that’, it will let you  think, re-think and hopefully, re-visit your ideas.

Pranav Bhattacharya
Manager, Business Intelligence Management, Capgemini Financial Services, Pune

This is an ideal book that works as a compendium of practical management gyan (experience) written with strong theoretical underpinning. To the casual reader, this book may look impressive because of sheer variety of topics it covers, but to the practitioners of management the book provides depth of detail and creates an integrated view of decision-making process of organizations.

Dheeraj Awasthy
Senior banking Professional, Bangalore

[The book] truly captures the spirit of contemporary times while folding essential management tools in a very crisp manner that can be consumed in a small time...a practical desk keep for every manager, student and educator to glance through the basic principles of success in management in a few minutes...the format of the book in the form of a recipe is very reader friendly for ready consumption, lucidly written with illustrations that are well explained, detailed and practical.

Vision, Vol 18, Issue 1, March 2014

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