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Mediated Learning

Mediated Learning
Teaching, Tasks, and Tools to Unlock Cognitive Potential

Second Edition

Foreword by Reuven Feuerstein

September 2007 | 272 pages | Corwin
This layperson's guide shows how to implement Professor Reuven Feuerstein's theory of mediated learning that intelligence is modifiable and that people can change with the right kind of intervention.
Foreword by Reuven Feuerstein
Publisher's Acknowledgments
About the Authors
Part I. Metalearning: Structural Cognitive Modifiability
1. Unlocking Cognitive Potential
Part II. Metateaching: Mediated Learning Experience
2. Intentionality and Reciprocity
3. Meaning
4. Transcendence
5. Competence
6. Self-Regulation and Control of Behavior
7. Sharing
8. Individuation
9. Goal Planning
10. Challenge
11. Self-Change
12. Search for the Optimistic Alternative
13. Sense of Belonging
Part III. Metacognition: Cognitive Functions and Dysfunctions
14. Input
15. Elaboration
16. Output
Part IV. Metatask: Cognitive Map
17. Analyzing the Task
Resource A: Answers to Work Pages
Resource B: Rating Scale
Resource C: Glossary

"Teachers are often told to improve students' problem-solving abilities, but this is a book that explains HOW a teacher can go about that task. The authors teach the practitioner how to recognize dysfunctions in cognition, and provide strategies for helping students become independent learners."

Lauren Mittermann, Social Studies Teacher
Gibraltar Middle School, Fish Creek, WI

"A practical primer par excellence for teachers who want to implement the principles of Reuven Feuerstein's Mediated Learning Experience. A multitude of easy-to-implement suggestions for the use of Mediated Learning empowers teachers to transform even the most challenged students into more effective thinkers and learners."

James Bellanca, Chief Executive Officer
International Renewal Institute, Inc.

"Offers a host of important intervention techniques to increase student motivation and improve problem-solving skills, and is a recommended pick for any college-level teaching or education collection. The inclusion of worksheets makes for a practical resource, offering reproducible fill-in checkpoints for success."

The Bookwatch, October 2007