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Multiple Intelligences and Positive Life Habits

Multiple Intelligences and Positive Life Habits
174 Activities for Applying Them in Your Classroom

May 2001 | 176 pages | Corwin
`It is an excellent resource not only for new teachers entering the profession but also for the more experienced to access a range of strategies in dealing with and recognizing children's way of learning. It nurtures a Can Do attitude that celebrates success' - Nurturing Potential

The authors have written this book to provide teachers with a toolbox to help them know their students in an in-depth and personal way. With this knowledge, classrooms can celebrate the gifts of every student. It is important for teachers to develop relationships with students and aid them in developing a sense of connectedness with a group.

Traditional IQ tests measure language and mathematical abilities, but empirical studies designed by multiple intelligence pioneer Howard Gardner identify other ways in which people are intelligent. Gardner identifies eight intelligences: verbal/linguistic, mathematical/logical, visual/spatial, musical/rhythmic, bodily/kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. By using strategies that foster these intelligences, teachers can help students recognize their innate strengths and talents, and how they learn best.

The authors offer more than a dozen activities specifically tailored to each of the eight multiple intelligences, for a total of 174 classroom activities in all. These activities will serve as a guide for teachers who know the value of using Gardner's "intelligences" as teaching and learning strategies in the classroom.

About the Authors
1. Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
2. Mathematical/Logical Intelligence
3. Visual/Spacial Intelligence
4. Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence
5. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
6. Intrapersonal Intelligence
7. Interpersonal Intelligence
8. Naturalist Intelligence

"Teachers . . . will find the book useful in lesson planning and in developing an awareness that there is far more to teaching than just academics. I agree with the authors that fostering a strong sense of self-esteem and empathy for others in the classroom goes far in creating a higher achieving student at all age levels."

Diane Overton
Special Education Teacher, Las Virgenes Unified School District, Thousand Oaks, CA

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