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Readings in Indian Sociology

Readings in Indian Sociology
Volume VII: Sociology of Environment

First Edition
Edited by:

Series Editor: Ishwar Modi

December 2013 | 348 pages | SAGE India
Environment is of great concern to every society because people depend upon it for resource mobilization, livelihood and existence. Our environment or ecosystem is endangered because of population pressure, migration, technological changes, changes in land use for livelihood practices and depletion and destruction of resources due to mega projects. Today, more than ever, there is greater need for sustainable development. Volume 7, Sociology of Environment, addresses these issues and will be of interest to both researchers and activists in these areas.
Series Note
Sukant K Chaudhury
A Bopegamage
A Demographic Approach To The Study Of Urban Ecology
C. Rajgopalan
Bombay: A Study in Urban Demography and Ecology
Amita Baviskar
The Political uses of Sociology, Ecology and Development in India: A Field and its Future
Indra Deva
Towards a More Meaningful Study of Ecology, Society and Culture
Indra Munshi
‘Environment’ in Sociological Theory
Mahbuba Nasreen
Need for a Paradigm Shift: Environmental Perspective in Sociological Study
Ranjit Dwivedi
Parks, People and Protest: The Mediating Role of Environmental Action Groups
Varsha Ganguly
Displacement, Rehabilitation & Resettlement: The Case of Maldhari Families of Gir Forest
T.K. Oommen
Coping with Development Pathologies: Resistance to Displacement
Vibha Arora
They are All Set to Dam(n) Our Future’: Contested Development through Hydel Power in Democratic Sikkim
Satyapriya Rout
Revisiting the Baliraja Dam Struggle: A Study of an Environmental Movement in Maharashtra
Rajkishor Meher
Social and Ecological Drift of a Planned Centre: A study of Rourkela, Orissa
Manish K Thakur and Binay K Pattnaik
How Effective are ‘pani panchayats'?: A Fieldview from Maharastra
Bernadette Maria Games
Vosaad: The Socio-Cultural Force of Water (A Study from Goa)
Rekha M Shangpliang
Forest Legislations And Livelihood Strategies: Khasi Women in Rural Meghalaya
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