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Resiliency in Schools

Resiliency in Schools
Making It Happen for Students and Educators

Second Edition

September 2002 | 160 pages | Corwin
In Praise of First Edition:

`If you are looking for an action plan to add strength and flexibility to your organization, skills and tools to meet the rigorous demands of education and school life today, this is the book you should read' - Management in Education

Resiliency in Schools: Making It Happen for Students and Educators, Updated Edition includes a variety of new resources and references for educational practitioners. Written to assist students, teachers, administrators, and others in the school community in becoming more adept at fostering resiliency in others, this book is the ideal tool for schools that aim to produce more successful learners. The book provides readers with current research and information on the effects of positive influences on children's lives, as well as facts pertaining to "at risk" factors and their effects on students.

Emmy E. Werner
About the Authors
1. Resiliency Defined
2. How Schools Foster Resiliency in Students
3. Resilient Students Need Resilient Educators
4. Characteristics of Resiliency-Building Schools
5. Changing Schools to Build Resiliency
6. The Change Process in Action
7. Resiliency Building in Practice
8. Tools to Facilitate Change
Annotated Bibliographies
Useful Resiliency-Related Web Sites
Additional Resiliency-Related Readings

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