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Responsible Classroom Management, Grades 6–12

Responsible Classroom Management, Grades 6–12
A Schoolwide Plan

August 2010 | 152 pages | Corwin
Allen Queen and Bob Algozzine's Responsible Classroom Management, Grades 6-12 provides headteachers and teachers with a nationally tested schoolwide discipline plan that emphasizes a team approach to discipline and management and teaches students to solve problems, self-correct behaviour, and develop an internal locus of control. Rooted in humanist and cognitive psychology, the authors' practical model for Responsible Classroom Management (RCMPlan™) for middle and high school levels is specifically designed for adolescents at various stages of development. The RCMPlan uses three key principles to demonstrate how schools can use behavior support systems to promote good citizenship and develop responsible students who can live productively in a democratic and multicultural society:

- responsibility is taught and incorporated instructionally within a warm and inviting classroom

- standards, guidelines and expected behaviors replace rigid school and classroom rule

- consequences are used to teach students to self-correct inappropriate behaviors and assume responsibility for their actions.

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About the Authors
1. Understanding The RCMPlan?
The RCMPlan?

Becoming a Successful RCM Teacher

A Model for Improving Instruction and Behavior

An Invitation to Change: The RCM Plan? Inventory

Looking Ahead

2. Teaching Students Responsibility Within Warm and Inviting Classrooms
The Original and Still Functional Correlates for Teaching Responsibility

Expecting Responsibility and Civility in the Classroom

Experimenting with Responsibility and Civility in the Classroom

Modeling Responsible Behavior

The Four Types of Inviting Teachers

Preparing to Modify Classroom Procedures

Students Roles and Additions to the Classroom

Group Activities

Looking Ahead

3. Standards, Guidelines, and Expected Behaviors
Why Rules Do Not Work With Middle or Secondary School Students

Replacing Rules with School and Classroom Standards, Guidelines, and Expected Behaviors

Building School Guidelines for Outside the Classroom

Developing Classroom Guidelines

Teaching Standards and Guidelines to Students

Looking Ahead

4. Using Consequences to Teach Responsibility

Using Logical Consequences Versus Punishment

Developing a Pool of Consequences for Selective Use in the Classroom

Consequences for More Serious Infractions: The Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Using ICU Effectively

Behavior Improvement Agreements (BIAs)

The DRC's Supervisory Process

A Sample of Grade-Specific Consequences

Group Activities

Looking Ahead

Resource A: The RCMPlan Principal?s Guide

Resource B: The RCMPlan? Toolbox


"Responsible Classroom Management is not a one-time shot or pill that will cure discipline problems. It is a valuable, student-centered resource that gives your school direction, information, and the necessary research to build a plan that will benefit you and your students. It is a proven strategy that is currently successful and has sound principles."

Lyndon Oswald, Principal
Sandcreek Middle School, Ammon, ID

"A valuable resource to any staff creating a schoolwide or districtwide plan for developing responsible student behavior. The book provides the necessary research data, planning steps, and resources to help any staff develop and personalize a plan, based on their own unique school and student characteristics."

Kathy Tritz-Rhodes, Principal
Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Schools, IA

"This book goes into great detail on how to establish a schoolwide discipline program and the step-by-step process for introduction and implementation. Involving students and parents are key elements outlined in the book for ownership in the program. I would recommend this book for any school, administrator, or teacher seeking ways to improve schoolwide discipline and effective classroom management."

Jim R. Watson, Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"Kudos to J. Allen Queen and Bob Algozzine who continue to provide up-to-date guidance to school teachers and administrators who work in the ever-changing and challenging field of teaching and learning. The RCM Plan is full of practical and commonsense strategies that will yield long-term skills for both teachers and students as they practice using positives to address behaviors that negatively impact teaching related to student learning and behavior."

Delores Hicklin Lee, Clinical Assistant Professor and Retired High School Principal
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"I have used the RCM schoolwide behavior plan in an elementary school and two middle schools. The RCM plan has been a major part of positively changing the overall culture in each school. Office referrals and suspensions decreased dramatically. The RCM plan is effective because it is straightforward and easy for staff, students, and parents to understand and, most important, to buy into. Staff members appreciate the research and the paradigm of modeling responsibility. Students identify with the emphasis placed on becoming more responsible and the use of logical consequences."

Ronald S. Dixon, Principal
John Taylor Williams Middle School, Charlotte, NC

"As a high school administrator, I was in charge of overseeing our schoolwide discipline program. Teachers and staff chose the RCM plan after studying several options. Dr. Queen trained our staff and provided support throughout our implementation. Our discipline referrals were reduced by approximately 50% by the end of the first nine weeks. I can attest to the success of the program. This book provides an excellent road map for implementing the RCM program. A school could use this book for staff development or as a PLC focus and be more than prepared for implementation. I would recommend this book for any school seeking a schoolwide discipline plan with consistency and manageable consequences for student behavior."

Phyllis R. Tallent, Professor of Educational Leadership, Appalachian State University
Retired Assistant Superintendent, Lincoln County Schools, NC

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