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RTI Is a Verb

RTI Is a Verb

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April 2014 | 208 pages | Corwin

RTI is more than just a buzzword—it’s a success story!

RTI isn’t just about interventions. It’s about assessing how all students respond to instruction. In this book, Tom Hierck and Chris Weber go beyond the why and what of RTI to show you how to translate this good idea into a plan of action for your school. They offer concrete recommendations and resources, including

  • Interventions linked to the Common Core State Standards, with emphasis on college and career readiness
  • Practical strategies for screening, progress monitoring, and diagnostics
  • Sample approaches to specific interventions across the curriculum

Preparing students to meet real world challenges—and to stay in school until they are ready for them—takes a team effort. With this road map in hand, your team will take RTI from research to practice, from ideas to reality—and lead all students to success.

About the Authors
Chapter 1. Introduction and the Research
Chapter 2. Content and Instruction in Tier 1
Chapter 3. Common Formative Assessments, Evidence, Data Analysis, and Collaboration
Chapter 4. Information Within RTI: Screening, Progress Monitoring, and Diagnoses
Chapter 5. Tier 2 and 3 Interventions, Strategies, and Resources
Chapter 6. Social and Academic Behavioral Interventions
Chapter 7. Lead the Work With Confidence, Leadership, and Accountability
Epilogue: The Next Steps


“Requiring that all students graduate with the ability to enter college or a skilled career with the 21st Century Skills required to continue to learn further heightens the challenge...RTI, then, is about so much more than interventions. It defines what we are as a profession and philosophically underpins the reflective checkpoints we use to assess the extent to which all students are learning.”

From Chapter 1

“I have been incredibly impressed with RTI Is a Verb.  The authors have skillfully shown how RTI, when done properly, is an opportunity to transform the school environment into one that maximizes the learning opportunities of all involved- staff, students, and community. A must read!”

Greg Wolcott, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
Woodridge School District 68, IL

“A breath of fresh air, RTI is a Verb offers an insightful, collaborative approach to RTI.  In this comprehensive yet easy-to-read format, the authors reveal that RTI is in fact a VERB; and that in order to create the change that is required in today’s schools, the very culture of the school itself must be transformed. The book offers a demonstration of how creating a culture of cooperation is imperative for the successful implementation of RTI:  teachers working with teachers; teachers working with parents; and teachers working individually with students.

The authors argue that 'cultures not structures' instill lasting reform; and through an interactive, thoughtful discussion on where we are now versus where we are headed, the authors construct a roadmap along with a set of directions on how it is we shall get there.

The most appealing part of the book is that it is candid and forthright:  it takes the worn-out use of the RTI acronym and breaks it down to a workable and applicable tool. The authors remind us that 'RTI is simply allowing for the time and support for students to be successful.'  It means meeting students where they are and taking the time required to get them where they need to be. Sounds simple enough – but just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

Amy Mims, President
Atlantic Research Partners, Chicago, IL

“Historically, mandates have not provided solutions for school improvement. Instead, solutions have been found by schools collaborating to clearly define key content and effective instruction.  Hierck & Weber share these solutions as they invite readers to engage in collaboration and establish a common language around RTI. Their collection of templates and samples are based on what works in real schools. Equipped with this text, school leaders are prepared to move from the theory of RTI to real gains in student achievement.”

Leeann Michalak Bartee, Principal
Richland Middle School, Richland Hills, TX

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