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Schools of Quality

Schools of Quality

Third Edition

May 2001 | 160 pages | Corwin
In this book the author explains how educators have used the Quality Philosophy to guide strategic planning, communicate more effectively with parents, improve students' learning strategies, and build a community of learners based on mutual respect and clearly defined aims. The many Quality tools in the book are designed to help educators establish processes that foster continuous improvement for everyone involved in schooling.
The Bell Curve Meets Kazien
Quality Comes (Back) to America
Learning a New Way to Swim
Reconsidering the Better Mousetrap
Defining the Real Business of Schools of Quality
Continuing the Journey
Quality as a Way of Life

 "My hat’s off to Jay Bonstingl and his third edition of Schools of Quality for pointing out that quality in schools is a process of working in teams, self-assessment, improvement of systems, and having students actively engaged in their learning through problem-solving tools and the use of data for continuous improvement."

Mick McNiel
Director, National Quality Network of the American Association of School Administrators/Woods Quality Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

 "When the leader of an education organization seeks to transform her school into a functional system, she turns to Jay Bonstingl for support and is guided by the principles and practices in Schools of Quality. Dr. Bonstingl’s work should be read by all educators seeking to implement quality practices in their schools."

Blanca E. Enriquez
Director, Region 19 Head Start, El Paso, TX

 "The best introduction to Quality Philosophy available to practitioners today. Bonstingl has skillfully interpreted the Quality Philosophy to help create environments where the generation of profound knowledge allows school districts to continuously improve."

Leo P. Corriveau, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools, Hillsboro, NH

 "A reader-friendly book filled with essential wisdom to help educators grow Quality in the lives of their students and make Quality a way of being in their own personal and professional lives."

Louise Voss Thurn
School Improvement Facilitator, Keystone Area Educaton Agency, Elkader, IA

"The quality journey requires a commitment on both the personal and the institutional level. Bonstingl's Five Practices of Quality are the essential building blocks to attain personal goals that will lead to the attainment of institutional excellence. He is truly a leader of the Quality revolution."

Linda James, Emeritus Examiner
Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award

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